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About us

Napuletanate in an ensemble specialising in Neapolitan songs and music. Its repertoire focuses mainly on the music of the so-called Golden age of Neapolitan songs - l’epoca d’oro della canzone napoletana (c. 1870–1940), but includes gems from other eras too. Beloved songs are full of passion, drama, flirt and comedy, and they often also take a stand on current events. Great emotions, outstanding music and intriguing stories are guaranteed. Napuletanate performs all the songs in the original language, the Neapolitan dialect, but their origins, contents and meanings are explained in Finnish before the performance.

The ensemble musicians are Flavia Di Nola (mezzo-soprano), Yusniel Estrada (tenor), Laura Havu (piano) and Lauri Manninen (guitar and mandolin).

Flavia Di Nola - Mezzosopraano
Yusniel Estrada - tenori
Laura Havu - piano
Lauri Manninen - kitara ja mandoliini
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